Church Docents Tour Martin House

Blessed Trinity docents end their February 22, 2020 tour in the Carriage House at the Darwin Martin House Complex.

Members of Blessed Trinity’s docent team turned Saturday, February 22, into a Busman’s Holiday without ever leaving the neighborhood. They toured the Darwin Martin House on Jewett Parkway, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and completed in 1905 – just one year before the founding of our parish less than a mile away. They all enjoyed the opportunity to ask rather than answer questions, and had a chance to share their impressions over lunch at the Parkside Meadow Restaurant.

Thank You Canisius High

Canisius High Alumni Day Volunteers
Front, left-right: Amy Braun, Syd Pratt, Owen Pratt, Aiden Armenia, Sam Foley, Tammy Foley;
Back, l-r: Colin Pratt, Luke Braun, Karl & Barbara McKinnie, Stan Bukowski

We have something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day – the gracious and hard working group of volunteers who visited Blessed Trinity Church on Saturday, November 23, 2019, as part of the Canisius High School Alumni’s Community Outreach Day. The group of 11 included alumni, family members and current students, who joined with parish volunteers in cleaning floors, woodwork, dusty corners, windowsills, and other hard to reach places from the sacristy to the choir loft. They stayed until we ran out of tasks, and then stayed a little bit longer to decorate gift bags for the upcoming Peaceprints Prison Christmas Package Project. We ask God’s special blessings on: Aiden Armenia, Luke and Amy Braun, Stan Bukowski, Sam and Tammy Foley, Karl and Barbara McKinnie, and Colin, Syd and Owen Pratt. Come back and visit us any time!

Original Church Bell on Permanent Display

The church bell which hung in the former church and school
building from 1909 until 2018 is now permanently
displayed on Leroy Avenue.
Photo credit: Margaret Dick

Welcome Home St. Helena ~ The first building constructed by Blessed Trinity parish was a combination church/school building completed in 1907 at 307 Leroy Avenue. Two years later, a bell manufactured by the McShane Bell Company in Baltimore, Maryland was installed in its steeple. It was customary for a church bell to be given a saint’s name, and Blessed Trinity’s bell – a gift of parishioner Helena Eckard — was named “St. Helena” after her patron saint. The 2017 sale of the former church/school building (visible on the right side of this photo) necessitated removal of the bell. This challenging task took place in October 2018 with the help of the building’s new owner, John Cozzarelli. Repair and restoration of the bell was entrusted to the Verdin Bell Company at its Cincinnati, Ohio facility, and on August 27, 2019 the refurbished bell was installed on a newly-built concrete pedestal located on the church lawn. The parish is grateful to alumni of Blessed Trinity School, the Ladies Sodality of Blessed Trinity, and two benefactors whose contributions preserved this important part of parish history, and to Mr. Cozzarelli who provided equipment and workers each time the 1,200 pound bell was moved. Decorative work on the pedestal having now been completed, the century-old bell is fully restored and ready to peal once more. Hidden from public view for 110 years, “St. Helena” is now a new Leroy Avenue destination, available for all to see. Please stop for a visit and photo-op.

Blessed Trinity Welcomes “Peaceful Dove”

“Peaceful Dove” at Blessed Trinity, July 21, 2019

On Sunday, July 21, the congregation of Blessed Trinity welcomed Peaceful Dove, the contemporary music ensemble from St. Anthony’s Parish in Lackawanna, NY. These dedicated musicians with beautifully blended voices enhanced our Sunday morning worship with song. Members of our own parish choir, who sing weekly from September through the Feast of Corpus Christi, supported our guests by singing “in place” from their pews and the Sanctuary. Thank you, Peaceful Dove.

WGRZ-TV Visit Highlights May 19, 2019 Sacred Sites Open House

Examples of medieval iconography on church facade
Photo by Steve Mangione

WGRZ-TV’s Kevin O’Neill and his photographic assistant, Charles, visited Blessed Trinity very early Thursday morning April 25, for a “Daybreak” feature. They also did a much lengthier Facebook Live session with members of our docent team. [Click HERE to view this sneak peek]. We invite you to experience Blessed Trinity on Sunday, May 19, from 12 Noon-3pm when our docents will share even more information than we were able to give our friends from Channel 2. We will be participating in the NY Landmarks Conservancy’s Sacred Sites Open House weekend, with Buffalo’s Blessed Trinity supplying the “medieval” in their 2019 theme, “Medieval to Modern: Celebrating New York Religious Art and Architecture.” Come be amazed at this WNY treasure trove of religious art and architecture. And it goes without saying that you are always welcome at our worship services (Saturdays at 4:30pm; Sundays at 10am).

Canisius High School Volunteers Aid Blessed Trinity

Canisius High School student volunteers Patrick Crowe and Jack Manka and their families teamed up as part of the school’s Nov. 17, 2018 Community Day and helped to clean our church in preparation for Christmas. From left: Patrick, Cortney, Thomas, Pat and Laruen Crowe;
Jennifer, Madeline, Mike, Jack and Alex Manka; Joe Van Volkenberg.

This Thanksgiving, we give prayerful thanks for Canisius High School Associate Campus Minister Joe Van Volkenburg and students Patrick Crowe and Jack Manka, who chose Blessed Trinity as their Community Day volunteer project. On Saturday, November 17, the young men and their family members (Cortney, Pat, Thomas and Lauren Crowe and Jennifer, Mike, Madeline and Alex Manka) washed our pews, scrubbed our floors, and carried in hundreds of books donated for next month’s Christmas Prison Package Project. We are grateful to Mr. Van Volkenburg for his continued support of our parish and delighted to have benefitted from the youthful energy and enthusiasm of the Canisius team. At the same time, we acknowledge the dedication of parishioners Judy Casassa, Bud and Mickey Dick, Dan Korchowsky, Dorothy Manuppelli, Kathy Press, Sr. Liz Savage and Colleen Schroeder who worked along with them and provided direction.