OFFICE HOURS Will resume when New York “Pause” is lifted and we return to full services.  Please feel free to call at anytime – I am working from home.



Jelly Bean Prayer

Red is for the blood he gave.  Black is for the sins we made. Green is for the grass he made.  White is for the grace he gave. Yellow is for the sun so bright.  Purple is for the hour of sorrow. Orange is for the edge of night.  And, pink is for our new tomorrow. Amen.

Happy Easter from all of us at BLESSED TRINITY

My name is Pat Dyer and I am the Pastoral Associate and Religious Education coordinator.  I am married – you might see my husband with me on some Sundays or at events.  I have five children – all grown and married as well as eight grandchildren – two of them live with us.  I have a graduate degree in Pastoral Ministry from Christ the King Seminary and a graduate degree in Parent Child Health Nursing from SUNY at Stony Brook.  I am certified by the Diocese of Buffalo as a catechetical leader.  You may have seen me around the central city parishes as I have lived in Buffalo since 2001.  I am new to Blessed Trinity so please stop by my office in St Charles Hall and introduce yourself.  I’ll be there every Wednesday from 10AM to 2PM.  Stop by to say “Hello” before or after masses every Sunday or the first Saturday of every month.  You might also find me wondering around before BINGO starting in April.  We’re developing lots of new things so check back here often.  You can also call or e-mail if you have ideas or questions!  I am enjoying meeting each and every one of you.


Easter Scavenger Hunt

Answer these questions and find the answers in your bibles.  Happy Easter and Happy Hunting!

  1. Who betrayed Jesus with a kiss? (Luke 22:48)
  2. Which disciple disowned Jesus? (Luke 22:54-62)
  3. How many apostles did Jesus have? (Matthew 10:2)
  4. Where did Jesus talk and walk with Cleopas after he rose from the grave? (Luke 24:24)
  5. What did Jesus tell the criminal who asked him to remember him in his kingdom? (Luke 23:43)
  6. When the women came to the tomb three days after Jesus died, was Jesus in the tomb? (Luke 24:2)
  7. What must we do in order to go to heaven? (John 3:16)
  8. What happened three days after Jesus died? (Luke 24:6-7)
  9. What did the notice say that hung above Jesus on the cross? (Luke 23:38)
  10. Where was Jesus crucified? (John 19:17-18)
  11. What was the prophesy about Jesus’ bones? (John 19:36)
  12. Name one disciple who went running to the tomb first. (John 20:3)
  13. What did Jesus ask God the Father during his prayer before he died? (Mark 14:36)
  14. Who took down Jesus’ body, wrapped him in linen, and placed him in a tomb? (Mark 15:46)
  15. Is the spirit or body weak? (Matthew 26:41)
  16. What did the people want to happen to Jesus? (Matthew 27:22)
  17. Who did Pilot release by the people’s request?  (Matthew 27:26)
  18. What did Jesus tell his disciples to do right before going back to heaven? (Mark 16:15)
  19. Which disciple wanted to see Jesus’ hands and feet before he believed? (John 20:24-25)
  20. What did Jesus ask Peter three times after he arose from the dead? (John 21:15-17)



Prayer and Spirituality

We will be rescheduling our Spiritual Direction information session, but I thought that you might like to have some other resources available right now.  This is an old book, Fresh Bread and Other Gifts of Spiritual Nourishment by Joyce Rupp.  It is a guide which can be used for an entire year.  This excerpt is from May. “When I look at the earth so lovely in springtime readiness, I reflect on what it is like to have my heart ready for the word of God.  I, too, must be open to the turning over and turning under of last year’s harvest. … Most of all, I must believe in my potential to receive the word of God and my potential to become an ever more whole human being, recognizing and developing the gifts which the sower has given me.” (Rupp, 1985, p 69)

UPCOMING CLASSES – Call to Register

Adults over 16:  Beginning Bible Study – This is an interesting series that explores the Bible explaining how it came to be and the different types of writing.  When we are ready to meet again, we will have a series on one of the books of the Bible where we can discuss what we read in more detail and from a Catholic Christian perspective.  This series will get you ready for those discussions.  Each episode is less than 10 minutes.  You can find it here – Bible Project

Adult Confirmation – Classes have begun Look for our on-line study page which will be available in the next few days.  Since, we are still unable to celebrate Mass together we will reschedule Confirmation and our final gathered classes.  Here is Session Two Study Guide Link:Lesson Two Catholic Social Teaching   

Adult Confirmation – Lesson Three  Forming Catholic Consciences

Faithful Citizenship – Cancelled We will have an on-line study page available soon – See link above Forming Catholic Consciences.  This will be rescheduled for classroom discussion as soon as we are able to begin having meetings again.  Links below are from the USCCB.

Catholics Participate in Political Life

Prayers for First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation

First Reconciliation and First Communion – Classes begin Thursdays at 5 PM as soon as we begin meeting together again

Spiritual Advisement Information Session – To be rescheduled

Weekly Lessons for school age children will be available at the east parking lot entrance to the church when we return to regular worship schedule.  Additional lessons can be found on the links pages.  Lessons have been mailed to everyone who has registered for any classes.

Monthly activities for school age children are available during Coffee Hours after Mass


Volunteers Are Still Needed – We Need to be Ready

Volunteers are needed to support the programs here at Blessed Trinity.  We will meet every two to three months to prepare lessons that will be used every week.  Volunteers for this position do not need to meet the Protecting God’s Children requirement.  No experience needed.

Other volunteers will be needed to provide classroom support for quarterly meetings of children beginning in September.  Support for meeting the Protecting God’s Children requirement will be provided.  If you like to work with kids, this position is for you.  

Volunteers to fix lunch for our quarterly meetings with our school age children are needed.

Support for our adult programs.  See adult programs for opportunities.


  • Construction paper & glue sticks 
  • Crayons – both mixed colors and multicultural skin colors
  • Hole punch, Children’s scissors & chalk
  • Yarn, ribbon &  cord
  • Lunch food for kids meetings, snacks for adult programs
  • Push pins & poster putty &Puppets
  • Bright colored cotton or cotton blend fabric
  • Children’s religious stories books (new or like new)
  • Pillows which can be used on the floor
  • Colored copier paper
  • Printer ink – ask which kind we need
  • Sponsor a child’s textbook $15
  • Four mixed bags of jelly beans & ½ pound of wheat seed
  • Small ziplock lunch bags
  • Two mirrors
  • Tree of Life template/stencil (for painting)
  • Coffee Pot & Small microwave
  • Flat screen internet ready television 36-40 inches with built-in DVD player, and a stand (so we can use it in several different spaces.)