Faith Formation


OFFICE HOURS are by appointment!  Please feel free to call at anytime – I am working from home.

We’ve had a bit of frost and it feels a little more like winter is coming.  A snowflake, or two, has fallen.  It seems that we’ve been here before – orange is a fall color – but not one we were looking to have fall upon us!  We are certainly hoping that we don’t have a red Christmas around here, but, if we do, we are still prepared to celebrate!

Advent with Blessed Trinity 2020

While we may have fewer in-person gatherings this year, rest assured that the Church is celebrating Advent and Christmas right along with you.  My bi-weekly series on Know Your Faith, will focus on the symbolism of what we do this time of year.  Elizabeth Clay will be joining me on this series for a look at Christmas and Advent carols.  You can click on the links from our web page.

Join Us with our recording of Sunday, Christmas, and special occasion Masses. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we need to limit how many people are in the church building for Masses.  If you are unable to attend due to illness, high risk situation for yourself or family members, or just could not get a seat, you’ll want to join us for our recorded Masses.  Find the link on our website starting November 30!  See Fr. Bob, our church and hear Elizabeth play the organ.  Sing and read along with us when you pick up your copy of Breaking Bread.  If we are ORANGE – we suggest that you call Pat Dyer 256-2598 or the parish office to reserve a seat for Masses. We are currently limited to 75 – 150 depending upon the size of the families we are serving.  You can reserve a seat, but it is not required that you do so.

Click here for the link that Fr. Bob mentioned in his homily. Advent Links US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Advent A to Z. You can get a regular Advent reminder – things to prepare your heart for Christmas using this link.  Click here to sign up. 

Advent Reminders. Get daily Advent reminders in your email from Catholic Relief Services.  Sign up here.

Pray the Gospel with Me. Using the Gospel of Mark and the technique of Lectio Divina, we will pray our way through the Gospel used in our next Church year.  Our first meeting will be Monday, November 30 at 6:30 PM and following Mondays.  (We will deliberately cancel a meeting that conflicts with major holidays and #OneBody – provided we have two weeks notice.)  Meeting Link: Pray the Gospel of Mark 

Our next meeting is Monday December 14 at 6:30 PM.  Here are links to the videos which explain a little about Mark’s Gospel and how to Pray with Scripture:

Advent kits for kids are available starting Thanksgiving morning

Jesse Trees. I will have Jesse Tree kits available the first weekend of Advent.  Create your own at home as you recall the history of our salvation.

Advent Wreath Kits. Get these kits to make with your children.  We will have some available in church this week.

Rediscover Jesus. We will finally had the chance to talk about this book that we all read for Lent.  During our December 2 Zoom meeting we discussed an idea for a “Part Two to Do”.  Keep an eye out for something during Lent or early spring.

Remember the Food Pantry. During Advent you are encouraged to remember the food pantry while shopping.  Pick up one item for every day of Advent.  Maybe there is a buy one get one free sale.  Give the free one to the pantry.  Many other pantries have closed and unemployment benefits have been reduced.  Could you help?  Buy something every day during Advent to create a box to help a family celebrate the new year.

St. Lucy’s Wheat. Children are encouraged to set aside one seed every time they do something special or kind or have a good day.  On the Feast of St. Lucy (December 13) they plant the wheat in a box lined with plastic and on Christmas Day baby Jesus will have a soft bed to sleep in.   Get a bag of wheat seeds from me to plant at home.  The bags will have the story of St. Lucy. Beginning the second Sunday of Advent. More on St. Lucy’s Wheat

What can we know?

Bible Studies

Pray the Gospels

Using the technique of Lectio divina, we will pray the Gospel used in the current liturgical cycle.  Beginning November 30 and every other Monday at 6:30 PM, we will pray the Gospel of Mark.  Join us as we explore what is believed to be the earliest and foundational Gospel.  This will all be on Zoom and will not be cancelled for weather.  It will be cancelled for conflicting meetings and holidays with two weeks advance notice. Pray the Gospels

“Zoom” Along with Me Every other Tuesday at 7:00PM via Zoom

Bible Study of the Book of Acts as We Explore the Beginnings of Our Church and the Church of Today.

This group study will all take place on Zoom and will be approximately an hour to an hour and a half in length.  Each participant will need to have a personal Bible and a copy of the recent Vatican document on parishes which can be downloaded here.  So, Come along with me, NEW MEETING DAY is Tuesday beginning September 15 at 7:00 PM and every other week as we explore just what is Church. Link to Bible Study Meeting on Zoom  Go to to get a free account or you can wait for the email invitation to be sent. Join a “Socially Distancing” friend with masks if you don’t have a computer of your own.  Call Pat Dyer 256-2598 for more information.


UPCOMING CLASSES – Call to Register

Adults over 16: 

Beginning Bible Study – This is an interesting series that explores the Bible explaining how it came to be and the different types of writing.  Or check out our Zoom Study.  This series will get you ready for those discussions.  Each episode is less than 10 minutes.  You can find it here – Bible Project

Adult Confirmation – Classes have begun. Look for our on-line study page.  We will begin meeting again soon.  Please call me if you are out of high school and wish to join for Confirmation at our 2021 Easter Vigil.  Here is Session Two Study Guide Link:Lesson Two Catholic Social Teaching   

Adult Confirmation – Lesson Three  Forming Catholic Consciences

Faithful Citizenship – Cancelled We will have an on-line study page available soon – See link above Forming Catholic Consciences.  This will be rescheduled for classroom discussion as soon as we are able to begin having meetings again.  Links below are from the USCCB.

Catholics Participate in Political Life

Prayers for First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation

First Reconciliation and First Communion – Classes begin Sundays after the 10AM Mass in February.

Spiritual Advisement Information Session – Comming November 2020.  Requires registration to enable social distancing.

Weekly Lessons for school age children will be available at the east parking lot entrance to the church again beginning in November.  Make your own Rosaries will be available the last weekend of October.  Additional lessons can be found on the links pages.  



Catholic Relief Services New Local Chapter

A new group has formed in Buffalo!  Next meeting is second weekend of November.  If you are interested in social justice, especially world or national issues, you may be interested in the newly formed local  Catholic Relief Services chapter.  I invite you to join us for our next meeting.  Contact me for a link.  Give me a call for more information at 256-2598.


  • Construction paper & glue sticks 
  • Crayons – both mixed colors and multicultural skin colors
  • Hole punch, Children’s scissors & chalk
  • Yarn, ribbon &  cord
  • Lunch food for kids meetings, snacks for adult programs
  • Push pins & poster putty &Puppets
  • Bright colored cotton or cotton blend fabric
  • Children’s religious stories books (new or like new)
  • Pillows which can be used on the floor
  • Colored copier paper
  • Printer ink – ask which kind we need
  • Sponsor a child’s textbook $15
  • Four mixed bags of jelly beans & ½ pound of wheat seed
  • Small ziplock lunch bags
  • Two mirrors
  • Tree of Life template/stencil (for painting)
  • Coffee Pot & Small microwave
  • Flat screen internet ready television 36-40 inches with built-in DVD player, and a stand (so we can use it in several different spaces.)

What can we hope for?

Prayer and Spirituality

Sunday 10AM Mass as well as Saturday 4:30PM and weekday Masses have resumed, and we’d love to see you here.  But, are you ready to come back?  Here is a good reflection that will help you to decide.  Five Things to Consider

We will be rescheduling our Spiritual Direction information session in November, but I thought that you might like to have some other resources available right now.  This is an old book, Fresh Bread and Other Gifts of Spiritual Nourishment by Joyce Rupp.  It is a guide which can be used for an entire year.  This excerpt is from May. “When I look at the earth so lovely in springtime readiness, I reflect on what it is like to have my heart ready for the word of God.  I, too, must be open to the turning over and turning under of last year’s harvest. … Most of all, I must believe in my potential to receive the word of God and my potential to become an ever more whole human being, recognizing and developing the gifts which the sower has given me.” (Rupp, 1985, p 69)