The National Trust for Historic Preservation 2011 Conference in Buffalo put our city’s architectural treasury of civic, sacred and residential landmarks “front and center” for a national audience. In the aftermath of this high profile event, a new collaborative titled the Buffalo Alliance (the “Alliance”) for Sacred Places has been formed “to promote the preservation and appreciation of the art, architecture and history of Buffalo’s houses of worship.” The initial member organizations, which began meeting in January, 2012, are Blessed Trinity, the Buffalo Religious Arts Center, Corpus Christi RC Church, and First Presbyterian Church. The group chose to participate in The New York Landmarks Conservancy’s Sacred Sites Open House Weekend on May 19-20, 2012 as their first collaborative initiative. Over the two-day period, Blessed Trinity welcomed 98 visitors including residents of Rochester, Toronto, Pennsylvania and Michigan. We anticipate an increase in church tours as one result of this collaborative and are looking to expand our team of parish docents. If you are interested in becoming a Blessed Trinity docent, click HERE to leave a message for Judy Casassa or Mickey Dick. To learn more about the other Alliance sites, click HERE. We would also appreciate your becoming a friend of our Alliance on its Facebook page.