Madonna Hartzell Receives Diocesan Recognition

Madonna Hartzell, a life-long parishioner of Blessed Trinity, received The Lay Award of St. Joseph the Worker at a diocesan ceremony which took place during Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral on Sunday, May 15th. She was also among the Award recipients honored at a reception at The Adam’s Mark, which followed the Mass. We congratulate Madonna and thank her for her dedicated and outstanding service to our parish community and to a number of other charitable organizations.

The parish is grateful for “her for many years — and many ways — of setting an example for all with her stewardship.”  On behalf of the Blessed Trinity School Alumni, we salute her continued dedication to her parish and thank her for her contributions to our Alumni Committee.



Our Alumni organization wishes to thank Sister Mary Ann Butler, SSJ, a former principal of the grammar school, for donating her photos taken during eighth grade field trips as well as graduation and class day programs from the early 1970s.


On May 18, 2010, Members of the Blessed Trinity School Alumni Association gathered to formulate preliminary plans for an All-Class Reunion Picnic held on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Class of 1959


CLASS OF 1959 – THE EARLY YEARS. Left to right, 1st row: Michael Forster, name unknown, Francis Nicklas, Thomas Guy, Joseph (Gary) Hens, Richard Kinsella, Richard Ryan, David Frost, Thomas O’Connor, name unknown, Richard Fraas, Thomas Fay. 2nd row: Christine Makowski, Roberta Trout, name unknown, Mollie Hammer, Kathleen Marthia, Mary Ogilvie, Jean Eggers (partially obscured), Deborah Hofstadter, Carolyn Ressler, Marilyn Skilnik, Alice Steins, Patricia Jeitler, Carol Pritchard. 3rd row: Sandra Bator, Jo Ann Brodfuehrer, Maureen Vaughan, Judith Mayer, Gail Rodland, Delores Eberhard, Elaine Pastewski, Dianne Maurer, Mildred Krolczyk, Kathy Dee, Carol Kollmar, Carol Slatterer. Back row: Richard Hens, Charles Collins, Edward Knupfer, Richard Skilnik, Margaret Stiffler, Jean Hibschweiler, Karen Hodgson, Jean Lesch, Donna Schwartz, Mary Lou Steins, David Lesch, Robert Quirk and Patrick McPartland.

Deceased members of the Class of 1959: Jo Ann Brodfuehrer, Charles Collins, Jolene Heitzenrater Brown, Amelia “Mollie” Hammer Czerwinski, Patricia Jeitler, Robert Kriegbaum, Mildred Krolczyk Muranyi, Thomas Long and Patrick McPartland. Class of 1960: Thomas O’Connor