Just off-camera, docent Tom Brodfuehrer explains the medieval origins of Blessed Trinity’s misshapen bricks to Father Bob Gebhard and visitors from our Family of Parishes.

On May 14, congregants from our Family of Parishes celebrated the upcoming Birthday of the Church with a day of socialization and exploration at Blessed Trinity. Docents helped interpret a few of the most meaningful among some 2,000 symbols displayed in the building’s art and architecture. Youthful participants were given clues to help them find images of children, and everyone enjoyed a “scavenger hunt” for selected symbols in terra cotta columns and floor tiles. Having experienced a close-up look at the choir loft’s rose window, visitors ended the afternoon with a chance to create their own “stained-glass” window. Many thanks to pastoral associate Pat Dyer who planned the event and to our parish docent team, including Father Bob who made his debut in the narthex explaining symbols of Christ’s childhood.