If you drive down Leroy this week, you may see these brightly clad folks painting the home of a 93-year-old veteran who lives across the street from our church. Blessed Trinity has been happy to assist Eight Days of Hope volunteers with off-street parking and a green space where they can rest and enjoy lunch. A faith-based nonprofit based in Tupelo, Mississippi, Eight Days of Hope has a number of community outreach teams working this week in our city’s Masten District. Together with area residents recruited through their Buffalo satellite office, volunteers will spend eight days providing home repair, painting, and gardening services at 100 properties. We offer prayerful thanks to all those who traveled here from 31 states and the 1,000 WNYers who joined them in beautifying our neighborhoods. For more photos of their good works, including Leroy, Manhattan, Colfax, and Marigold Avenue projects, visit buffalonews.com/gallery.