St. Augustine of Hippo (c. 354-430)
August 28
St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, is recognized as one of the greatest Doctors of the Western Church. The unceasing prayers of his mother, St. Monica (whose feast we celebrate on August 27), and the powerful preaching of St. Ambrose are credited with Augustine’s conversion from the dissolute lifestyle of his youth. His image appears in Joseph Mazur’s painting of “Confessors, Bishops, and Missionaries” in the dome of our church. Augustine is depicted at the far right in this photo, standing, wearing a bishop’s mitre and holding a crosier. St. Ambrose (c. 339-397), Bishop of Milan, appears (standing) to his immediate left.
Photo credit: Gary Kelley

August 25 – September 1, 2019

Weekly Activities

Wednesday, August 28 from 12:00 noon – 4:00 p.m. ~ Catholic Central Food Pantry in St. Charles Hall (Food Pantry operates every Wednesday from Noon-4pm)

Thursday, August 29 at 8:00 p.m. ~ Bingo will be played in St. Charles Hall.*

Saturday, August 31 at 8:00 p.m. ~ Bingo will be played in St. Charles Hall.*

*To check the Red, White & Blue and progressive Share-the-Wealth carry over amounts and progressive numbers for this week, click HERE and visit our Facebook page.

Mass Intentions

Sunday , August 25 ~ Mass at 10:00 a.m. – Sylvia Heicklen (Requested by Son, Robert)

Monday, August 26 ~ No Service

Tuesday, August 27 ~ St. Monica ~ Mass at 11:00 a.m. – For the intentions of our parishioners, both living and deceased (Blessed Trinity Parish)

Wednesday, August 28 ~St. Augustine ~ Mass at 11:00 a.m. – Deceased Members of the Ryan, Reilly, Reynolds and Pfeiffer Families (Estate of Mary Reilly)

Thursday, August 29 ~ The Passion of St. John the Baptist  ~ Mass at 11:00 a.m. – For the intentions of our parishioners, both living and deceased (Blessed Trinity Parish)

Friday, August 30 ~ Mass at 11:00 a.m. – St. Rose of Lima ~ Deceased Members of the Ryan, Reilly, Reynolds and Pfeiffer Families (Estate of Mary Reilly)

Saturday, August 31 ~ Mass at 4:30 p.m. – For the intentions of our parishioners, both living and deceased (Blessed Trinity Parish)

Sunday, September 1 ~ Mass at 10:00 a.m. – Birthday Remembrance for Elizabeth Dick (Family)

The Passion of St. John the Baptist
August 29
The right confessional in the left transept features the head of St. John the Baptist who called people to repentance as a preparation for closeness to God. (Rev. Walter Kern’s Guidebook to Blessed Trinity R. C. Church, page 45).
Photo credit: Margaret Dick

News from our Parish Community

August Birthdays ~ A special blessing for everyone who celebrates a birthday during the month of August will take place at the end of Mass on Sunday, August 25, 2019.

Keeping Liturgical Music Dynamic ~ The liturgies over the last several weeks (18th – 21st Sundays) have allowed us to journey with Jesus toward Jerusalem. The readings have been serious, urging us to put our priorities in order – to be disciplined, prayerful followers of the Gospel values. Our musical selections have focused on gathering together, praising God; being sheltered and protected by a God who loves us; going out into the world to act as disciples of Christ; and the joy we will share when we reach our eternal Heavenly home. That’s quite a musical study of our shared faith!

Every week, music is selected to enhance our Liturgical experience. Do you have a favorite hymn you would like to hear at Mass? Don’t hesitate to let Elizabeth or any one of the choir members know so we can add it to our ever-growing musical repertoire. Together we can make our liturgy beautiful for all!

Choir practice resumes in September.  All are invited to participate. … Elizabeth

Our first every “White Elephant Sale” will take place on Saturday, September 28 from 10am – 4pm. The event is a fundraiser for our parish, and will take place on the lower level of St. Charles Hall. Help will be needed during drop-off days — Sunday, Sept. 22, 11:15am-1pm; Wednesday, Sept. 25, 12 Noon-3pm; and Friday, Sept. 27, 12Noon-3pm — and on the day of the sale. Please indicate your willingness to help on the pink sign-up sheets found on the tables near the church entrances. The following items will be acceptable for sale: books, lamps, toys, luggage, knick-knacks, bathroom accessories, clothing and material, pictures and art work, towels, linens, tablecloths, drapes, small tools (not power), pots, pans dishes, and kitchen items. No electronics please! All donated items are to be clean and ready for sale without price tags. Pricing will be done by volunteers prior to the sale. All proceeds will go to Blessed Trinity Parish, and items that do not sell will be donated to St. Vincent dePaul.

Parish Council Nominations ~ Considering running for a position on the Parish Council? There is still time to get your name on the ballot. Elections will be held September 7 and 8. Please call Kathy Press at 716-445-8160. You may also nominate another parishioner, but please check with that person first to make sure they are willing. Elections will take place on the weekend of Sept. 7/8.

Message from Bishop Malone ~ Earlier this month, the parish received a lengthy email message from Bishop Malone, including the following promise: “Throughout the difficult months ahead, I also want to assure you that the good and holy work of the Church will continue through our parishes, schools and other ministries and institutions.  At this time, it is uncertain how long it will take to respond to all the claims of the CVA [Child Victims Act].  Our primary concern is to do the right thing for the victim-survivors of abuse and, at the same time, ensure that the mission of our Church continues.”  You may hear the entire message on YouTube.

Father Victor will be away until August 29. We wish him safe travels and a restful vacation.

Father George Reger, who has been undergoing rehabilitation at the McAuley Residence in Kenmore, expects to return home this week. Please continue to keep him and his recovery in your prayers.

Travel AND stay connected ~ Even when you are away on vacation, you can keep in touch with your parish family by visiting It is optimized for use with mobile devices, so whether you check in with a cellphone, tablet or desktop computer, there is all kinds of information at your finger tips. Just click on the post with the current week’s date; e.g., “Week of August 18, 2019 ~ 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time,” to find scheduled activities, coming events, and Mass intentions, not to mention examples of church symbolism and artwork relating to the week’s readings or feast days.

Blessed Trinity Needs Your Help! We’re not asking for money, but for something maybe even more valuable: a little bit of your TIME. Just a bit. ONE or TWO nights a month that will really help your parish. Our most recent financial report shows the importance of BINGO. Clearly, this fundraiser is essential for our parish’s financial health. Just as clearly, it needs broad parish support in the way of MORE workers. We have Bingo every Thursday and Saturday night. Can you PLEASE commit to one or two nights a month? You can start simply by helping to sell things and — as you learn the routine — cross-train for other essential tasks. Our friendly team of workers stands ready to help you. Please contact Kathy Press at 716-445-8160 for more information. Your Parish Bingo Team thanks you!

Our Kids Parent Education and Awareness Program (OKPEAP) is a Catholic Charities program available to families who are experiencing conflict related to custody issues. Visit

Do you know that Mass is the highest and greatest form of prayer? The Catechism of the Catholic Church reveals that “from the very earliest days of the Christian religion, [the Church] has honored with great respect the memory of the dead.” In its reference to the Second Vatican Council’s conclusion that “it is a wholly and a wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins,” the Catechism adds: “Our prayer for them is capable of not only helping them, but also of making their intercession for us effective.” Consider contacting the church office (716-833-0301) to request a Mass for yourself, your deceased loved ones, or for any intention. The stipend is $15.

Presentation of Offertory Gifts ~ For those who have requested a Mass and would like to present the Offertory gifts, please see Head Usher, Ed Marien, prior to Mass. This also applies to those whose family members are being remembered during the Liturgy.

Is it time to update your contact information? We know that not everyone can attend church every weekend, so when there is important information to be shared, we often mail it.  If you have not received some of our recent mailings, please make sure that we have your correct contact information by completing this form. This is also a chance to let us know if you: wish to be included in our online email list, register as a parishioner, or request envelopes. You can also submit the requested information by phoning our secretary at 716-833-0301 any Tuesday-Thursday between 10:30am and 2:30pm; sending an email to blessedtrinitychurch [at] gmail [dot] com; or Clicking HERE to use the contact feature of our web site to submit the information. If you choose either of the last two, please use “Contact Update” as the subject of the email or message.

Home Visits ~ Please notify the church office if you know of aged, sick, or homebound parishioners who may wish to receive a visit and the Eucharist on the last Friday of each month.

“If God can cloth in such splendor the [flowers] of the field…, will he not provide much more for you, O weak in faith!” Mt 6:30
Photo credit: Margaret Dick

News from our Vicariate Cluster and the Wider Community

Eucharistic Adoration & Holy Hour for MERCY, Thursday, August 29, 6-7 pm at St. Andrew Church (1525 Sheridan Drive in Kenmore). All invited to come and spend time in the presence of our Lord! Following Holy Hour, we will pray the Rosary for our nation. Join us for any length of time. Deacon Mike Ficorilli, presiding.

Food Truck Friday, August 30, 11 am to 1:30 pm at St. Francis Park (5229 South Park Avenue in Hamburg). The Cheesy Chick…Classic Comfort Food with a Twist. Enjoy a variety of specialty grilled cheese sandwiches and their award winning mac-n-cheese. Cash and all major credit cards accepted.

The Buffalo Chapter of Magnificat hosts on Saturday, September 14 (9:45am – 12:10pm) at Millenium Hotel, 2040 Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga. Guest speaker, Susan Pivarunas. Call 716-683-2290 for info.

Help For Your Marriage ~ Do you feel alone? Are you frustrated or angry with each other? Retrouvaille helps couples through difficult times. For more information call 716-474-9371 or visit The next weekend is September 27-29. All calls are confidential and pre-registration is required.