B.T. Summer Fest, August 24, 2015


The B. T. Summer Fest was a great success! A huge, heartfelt “Thank You” goes to Bob Heicklen who planned and organized the event. The music by Neville Francis and the Riddim Posse was enjoyed throughout the evening, the R&R BBQ food was delicious, and the Face Painting by Sheila K. Reigh went way beyond the kids! Many adult cheeks sported flowers, fish, even a Florida ocean-side scene. We are grateful to Bud and Mickey Dick and Gerry Gallisdorfer who set up the venue with Bob. Cathy Cummings treated us to home made ice cream (secret family recipe). Ticket handlers and clean-up crew included Sister Peg Gallagher, Madonna Hartzell, Lorraine Riles, Jessie Wells, Dan Korchowsky, the Brodfuehrer Three (Tom, Nik and Drew). It was a great end-of-summer gathering! To view additional photos from Summer Fest, Click HERE.

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