UB Pride and Service Day volunteers. Photo credit: Margaret Dick.

If you noticed that our parish grounds have undergone a “spring cleaning,” it is because of a group of volunteers from the State University at Buffalo who spent Tuesday morning, April 30, in the neighborhood. Greg Bellanton, Adriana Black, Sadé Cadle, Akeelya DePass, Robin Murray, Noelle Nesbitt, Emmanuel Jericho Nortey, Christine Puna, together with team leader, Natalie Surin, worked in our Leroy and Dewey Avenue gardens. Harish Ganesan, Varshiaee Krishnamurthy, Aiyan Lu, Ashanti McGill, Phurba Sherpa, Dolkar Sherpo, Aditya Thakur, Bhavya Vagdargi, and Shuyue Zhang, as well as their team leader, Bennie Williams, did double duty. They assisted the staff at the FLARE Community Center, and then pitched in with the outdoor work. The work party ended with a docent-guided tour of the church. We also wish to thank Richard Plunkett and Bud Dick who were instrumental in arranging our participation, as well as Judy Casassa, Luis Clay, Mickey Dick and Jerry Gallisdorfer who worked along with and directed the volunteers.Click HERE to see photos on our Facebook page.