Some of the almost 450 in attendance for a special appearance by The Camerata di Sant’ Antonio

The marvelous concert by the Camerata di Sant’ Antonio on July 22 was an event to remember! Over 425 people applauded the music of Mozart, Bach, Grainger and Britten and learned first-hand about the uniqueness of Blessed Trinity’s architecture. Our sincere gratitude goes out to Christopher Weber and the professional musicians of the Camerata, as well as to Professor Martin Ederer who shared with the audience his deep appreciation for the beauty of our church structure. The audience response was very positive, both in terms of applause and in its free-will offering: the concert raised $1,800 for our Under This Roof fund for church repairs. A special note of thanks goes to Bud and Mickey Dick for their hard work to enable the Camerata to come to BT, to Bud and Jessie Wells for planning a most pleasant post-concert reception, and to all the volunteers who helped in any way with either the concert or the reception. Last but not least, we thank the New York State Council on the Arts for providing the funding that made the whole “Architecture and Music” event possible. It was a superb finish to Blessed Trinity’s 2011-12 series of “beautiful music in a beautiful space”! Click HERE to view photos from the event.