{Photos by Luis Clay & Margaret Dick}

Members of The Buffalo Brass Choir include, from left to right:
First Row ~ Nick DelBello, Julie Robinson, John Bailey, and Dana Bennett;
Middle row ~ Amanda Roesch, Kathy Haynes, Bryan Plunkett and Stephen Budnack;
Back row ~ Torrell Moss, Danny Paik, Ian Taylor, Andrew Ehnes, Andrew Bennett, Mike Dorato, and Chris Gorman.

David Uber’s Festival of Carols, performed by (l. to r.): Stephen Budnack, Kathy Haynes, Ian Taylor, Bryan Plunkett, Amanda Roesch, John Bailey, Julie Robinson, Dana Bennett, Chris Gorman, Mike Dorato, Andrew Bennett, and Andrew Ehnes.

Nick DelBello directs (l. to r.) Kathy Haynes, Ian Taylor, Stephen Budnack, Bryan Plunkett, Amanda Roesch, Julie Robinson, John Bailey, Dana Bennett, Andrew Bennett, Mike Dorato, Chris Gorman, and Andrew Ehnes in Six Dances from the Danserye by Tylman Susato.