In Memoriam, 2009

Clarence Neubecker, ’23

Dolores Edbauer Beiter, ’30

Mary Gannon Wolney, ’32

Eugene Neubecker, ’37

Roy Poss, William Speyer, and Henry Steck, ’43

Donald Grundtisch and Marie Dolan Shoemaker, ’44

Joseph Halter, ’45

Robert Guyette, Donald Smith and Augusta Steck, ’47

Patricia O’Donnell Pula and Albert Young, ’51

Philip Skilnik, ’54

Robert Kriegbaum, ’59

Sister Adelaide Fix, SSJ

Worship & Services

Weekend Masses are: Saturday at 4:30 PM, Sunday at 10:00 AM
Weekdays: Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 AM, Wednesday – Friday at 11:00 AM (in the rear chapel)
Weekdays effective June 1, 2017: Tuesday – Thursday at 11:00 AM
Holy Days: As scheduled on “This Week” page

Other Services:
Opportunity for confession on Saturday at 4:00 PM
First Friday Adoration and Benediction from 8-11:00 AM (in the rear chapel)
A coffee hour is held after the 10 AM Mass on the third Sunday of the month (September-June)